Thursday, 28 March 2013

Modern Gypsy Traveller

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be? Dude chill, its just a question.
Instead of over thinking it, we need to peace out and start packing our backpacks because the world traveller trend is jetting off around the globe. Inspired by Global culture references and South African textiles with boho-hippie-gypsy styling happening now. (Sarah Owen & Susie Draffan, WGSN, 22 March 2013) With the rebirth of festivals, gap years and the youth of today having the luxury to travel, so many people are donning the relaxed layers and fluid silhouettes of this nomadic trend. (Viewpoint magazine 2014, pg. 168-169). Like this man pictured at the Kelvin grove bus stop sporting his backpack, DIY dreadlocks and spontaneous attitude he embodies all quality’s of the modern gypsy. View2 mag (2013 pg. 55) details that a soft colour palette of spiced hues and warm neutrals lends itself perfectly to this tale of a traveller looking for enlightenment. Think scooped necklines, lightweight fabrics and airy fits! Well then, this hippie in his soft brown trousers, heavy hiking boots, loose fitting crew neck t-shirt has got the look and furthermore is ready to jet. Showcased on the street as well as in variety of shows on the 2013 runway from Versace to Rachel Zoe to Saint Laurent the designers exhibited “ modern take on the bohemian flow 60s and 70s reshaping it for spring 2013. Subtly infusing garments with a hippie spirit, it's an evolution we can all embrace.”( Parascan. N. 2013
So exploit this “of the moment” attitude, buy a backpack and Peace out.

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