Thursday, 28 March 2013

90s graphic prints

“In west Philadelphia born and raised on the playground is were I spent most my days,” us 90s kids can probably all recite the first few lines of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. A: because it’s almost our official anthem and B: because we like to hold on to the nostalgia of the past. Luckily the 90s are back, with the new trend of graphic prints and constant pop culture references shooting into our wardrobes. The 90s is still the overarching influence for youth street style. Kids continue to play pick and mix with the decade incorporating elements of early grunge and hip-hop. (Sarah Owen & Susie Draffan, WGSN, 22 March 2013) With the birth of Tumblr and the rebirth of comic books through the blockbusters of 2012 like “The Avengers” and “The Amazing Spiderman” we continue to grasp to our childhoods and incorporate them in our outfits.  We are already seeing the impact of the pop-art movement in fashion for 2013, with graphics…Comic strip-style Typography is having the biggest influence, not only in street style but also on the catwalk. It’s definitely one to watch for 2013”stated Chris Coleman, Head of Print and Graphics, WGSN (2013) I encountered this man grabbing a bite on the way to a comic convention (too perfect) as he proudly displayed his classic printed 90s-space invaders t-shirt, comical sunglasses and cat ears because are you ever too old to dress up? Also Coleman’s correct these ideals are not just found on the street, Jeffery Scott’s latest range showcased further comic designs and was described as an “infectious graphic punch” by Matthew Schneier
(2013. Furthermore, Romance was Born 2012/2013 collection took every comic book lover’s breath away as they scored an exclusive sponsorship deal with Marvel comics, the friendship between superhero’s and fashion became a powerful one. (Shitika Anand 2013, These cultural references for new fashion are mixed with TV series movies and games, either in a bright childlike manner or 1990s retro flavor. (Viewpoint 2013 page172-173) So lets all go home, chuck on a video, read our fav comic, or just start scrolling tumblr, well at least that’s what I’m going to do, smell you later!

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