Saturday, 9 February 2013

I hate it when small dinosaurs eat my shoes.

It happens far too often.

Shoes from Dr Martins.
Velvet skirt from American Apparel.
Top I made from old tea towels with maps on them found at op shops for my twinnies
Dress/shirt thing from General Pants and Co. It is my twin sister's. It was her Idea to wear it as outerwear. This is her room.  She took the photos. She likes maps. You would like her.

Bag my sister bought at a pitt stop on road trip when she went on exchange to kiwi land. (NZ)

Bangles: turquoise one was part of a set, red is a watch strap missing a watch, orange is my sisters from dinosaur designs. (Oh how appropriate.)

I crown-ified them so they would stop eating.

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