Saturday, 9 February 2013

FIRST: Having no predecessor.

First time.
Actually a wee bit nervous
Should I do this?
Hannah you should.
I love to create outfits, now Ill just share them with the inter webs. (Good logic Hannah)
Oh well, she'll be right.
Now are we are ready to post these bad boys? FAB, Thunderbirds are go!

Shoes from Kmart
Pearls from diva, Pandora that I got paint on. Its time to give it a clean. (ha!)

This little top is actually an apron. It was my Great Grannys (maybe)
and I've hidden the big pocket at the front. My Mum found it when we were
cleaning out the attic and I was like yoink! I love this, its gorgeous. Great Granny
was a stylish cat.

I like eating daises on my day off.

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